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A Grandchild’s Love Letter to Her Deceased Grandfather

A dear friend, Dr. Charles Hersch, now passed,  sent us the following letter that  profoundly moved him. ” It is one of the most touching, beautiful and spiritual things I have ever read,” he said, “and I strongly believe it should be available to others.” The letter is from a 14 year old girl who stayed at her beloved, and terminally ill, grandfather’s bedside to the end. Two years later she wrote the following.

“Well, it’s been a couple of years since my grandfather passed away. When I think back, I wonder how I even went one year without him. Every time I think of him I feel like going to my room and crying forever and ever until I meet him again.

I don’t think I would ever be able to get through this without my “Papa dog.” Every time I miss him I start crying and squeezing my dog. This dog was a present that Papa gave me a long time ago when I was a baby. I had the rosary beads that my Papa used in the hospital. I also have an angel pin that my Aunt gave me on his funeral. I think over the years that after someone has lost someone, it doesn’t get easier, you just get more used to it and deal with it.

Well, that’s what I’m doing and I know he would be proud of me. It’s really sad because when I was younger, I felt really ugly and he was the only one that made me feel pretty. I am writing this down so in ten years I can read this and remember how much he meant to me. I never want to forget that, and I don’t think I could. When he first died I remember going downstairs and seeing everyone crying. Then they told me and I had the worst feeling inside like someone crushed my heart. I still feel the same way. If I think about it too much it gives me a headache. If I had one wish it would be for me to see him one more time over anything else. I don’t care what other wishes there were.

I feel really bad for my Nana. She must be so lonely now. I love her and would do anything for her. When Papa first died I was so depressed. I felt like I lost a part of me. When I really get upset, I say to myself , you know what, you’ll see him again. Even he said so. “Debbie, don’t worry, I’ll see you again.”

I feel like crying when I think about that because he told me that right after he found out the news (about his illness). It’s weird those were the saddest years of my life but also the happiest because I was with someone I love more than anything.”

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  1. Eleanor Best August 8th, 2012

    This reading is alot like the feelings I had when my grandmother died in 1990. She was 80 and I was a mother of 3 and aged 39. No matter how old you are the closeness you have with that one person which was my Granny never goes away. I could not even think of her passing for at least the first ten years after her death without crying. I was named after her and was so close that there was a constant ache in my heart whenever I would think of her. I still miss her and hope that I can be a wonderful grandmother to my grandbabies as she was to me. I have one little grandson that is 20months old by my daughter and am expecting a little granddaughter in November by my son. I had such a positive and wonderful Grandmother and know I will see her again one day.

  2. alexis piper August 13th, 2012

    my grand father died on my birthday this year. And i dont know what to do. I don’t think that he knew i loved him very much but i did. and the day after my birthday my mom was talking to my grandma and saying stuff i cant remember but i knew it was bad news and i ws wondering if someone had died or something so i asked my mom and she said i will tell u the news tomorrow but i was eager to know but i waited any way. But when i heard this news i didnt know what to think. i cryed for like 5 minutes and stopped. my mom asked if i was ok she asked if i was in shock or something and i said no i’m fine. All i could think about was this is worse than when my aunt heidi died they both died of cancer.I still cry now but i knnow he is not in pain any more cause he is in heaven with my aunt heidi and god. I miss u poppy so much and i luv you to! Love, lexi

  3. Anonn January 8th, 2013

    I miss my grandfather a lot, everytime I think off him or someone mentions him I have to leave the room because I just cry. Even though the last time I saw him was when I was 7 years old and he passed away when I was 13 years old I still couldn’t forget the memories we had.I am now 21 and it still has the same effect on me. He was my best friend, a companion, a guardian and a wonderful grandfather. I pray for him.

  4. Al Noone May 4th, 2013

    I can relate to a comment from Annon but from a different perspective. In my case, I’m the grandfather, I’ve been denied access to my grandchildren for the past two years and am now being taken to court accused of harassment and stalking because I tried to get my daughter to agree to communicate with me after some nasty accusations on her part and, on occasions went to after school Y classes, only to see them arrive by bus and enter the Y, less than a minute or two at best! My motive was to let them know I was around, and cared. I’m 71 and my wife is 65. We both have health problems and I, in particular, am concerned that I may never see them again. The stress has been unbelievable. We think of them all the time, and cry often. And wonder if they will ever truly understand why their grandparents were yanked from them after some 10 years in their collective lives. We were so close, as you might imagine, caring, nurturing, encouraging and praising their successes, even at their young ages of now 11, 7 and 5. We love them so much, but are too poor for legal representation and don’t know where to turn. My oldest grandson and granddaughter and I were inseparable. We believe we are victims of Grandparent Alienation Syndrome perpetrated by our son-in-law and my daughter is under duress, and afraid for both herself and her children. If anyone reading this can help with suggestions, or whatever, please contact me. Al [email protected]

  5. charles zetka February 9th, 2014

    .. i love you too grndfatherMy grandfather Philip Strimel died from pancreatic cancer in 1958 when i was only 3 months old he was 63 i am now 55 and last year came across a picture of him in his police uniform in 1935 on a harley with a sidecar very striking i love this photo from the historical society in monessen pa. so i had it blown up and i framed it well two days later i went into my local goodwill store and there was this model of a 1935 harley with a sidecar exactly the same as his and a very rare item its actually a telemania novelty phone1935 harley with sidecar very rare as ive searched all over ebay and the net for another! but they are very rare! how did this item come to me? im very cinvinced it was sent to show that he is still around meas he died when i was only 3 months old i love you too grandfather and i believe we will meet again thanks to god for letting me know! every day now i am flabbergasted! by the way if you look on ebay under police sidecar photo you will see my grandfather philip strimelhe is on the far right as there are 4 police bikes in the picture and this photo is very popular on the internetp.s. this is a true story thanks to all wholisten

    • FGP February 10th, 2014

      Thank you

  6. MP February 7th, 2015

    I can really relate to this. I lost my grandpa a little more than 6 months ago. I miss him so much. I was very close to him because he was more like a father figure to me than my real father. I always cry every time I think about him. I was with him everyday during his short hospitalization, sometimes even sleeping in his ICU room. He passed away a month before I started my last year of nursing school. During one of my clinical rotations in the hospital, I was reminded of my grandpa as one of my classmate’s patients had a very similar reason for hospitalization and I just broke down and started crying. How I wish that I can even spend one more week, day or hour with him and tell him how much I appreciate him for being there my whole life. I wish he could see me graduating college this May because he always promised me that he was going to be at my graduation. But I know he’ll be able to see me from above. I miss you..

  7. Sel February 13th, 2015

    You are so lucky to see him when you were 13 years old but my grandfathet left us when i was 6 or 7 yeard old . I Can’t remember anything about him ( his voice …) and the most sad thing that I forgot all the beautiful time that we had together ! I’m so upset

  8. Aliya jorieh alsulami February 5th, 2016

    Lolo,did you remember me that your my grandpa? Now your in God’s kingdom I love you and miss you 🙁

  9. Chantal April 30th, 2016

    My vovo died December 31 2015. It was the saddest day of my life. We sat around for a week with him while he was at hospice at home were he wanted to be. I was bye his side along with my aunt’s uncles mom and cousins. Hell always be in my heart. He’s the only father I ever had. I miss and pray to u everyday vovo. Please watch over us. I love u 🙁

  10. Rahul Vaid March 22nd, 2017

    I love my grandfather very much. He was the best person on the Earth.Every time I think of him I feel like crying but I am not able to express my emotions. He died on 3march,2017 with out any disease. Grand pa I miss you so much. Love you so much


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