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Survey: Are Today’s Parents Overindulging Their Children?

“Spoiling” children has traditionally been the privilege of grandparents.

Recently however, the market has been  flooded  with a slew of  new books  claiming that the current generation of children are being overinduged— “spoiled”  —by their parents. My child is “useless,” complains one frustrated mother,  “she takes, demands,  bosses me around and gives nothing back.” Many parents and grandparents agree, others blame the parents and not the child.

 Is this a tempest in a teapot, or a more serious issue?  Pease let us know what you think.

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  1. mark smith September 21st, 2012

    I have seen some cases in which the parents flood their children with gifts and do not spank the young ones when they misbehave badly. These kids sometimes order their parents around and show disrespect. However, I also have seen parents who dote on their younger kids, lavish them with gifts, and find alternative ways to discipline without spanking. These kids seem to behave better. I cannot say whether parents in general are spoiling their kids. My observations are not scientific. However, when it comes to grandparenting, I do feel strongly about one thing. The parents are the boss when it comes to the kids. Grandparents should respect the parental authority and play the supportive role in every way they can without interfering. This means not telling your children how to raise their children unless you are asked for advice. This means only providing discipline to the grandchildren under the approval and the policy of the parents. As for the grandparents’ prerogative to spoil the grandchildren, I do not know about this. I just know I love mine so much it hurts, and I would do anything to be with them. With all that said, as strong as I feel about this, do you have advice for me, or comments?


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