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  1. Flory Bagyinka February 17th, 2017

    I don’t know where to start…i need help…my grandson was born in my home…i was present in his life from birth..his mommy died in a car accident when he was just 1yr and 7 mo…I raised him till 2013 when my son remarried…we were happy for them she came into this marriage w a daughter of her own 2 yrs older then our grand son…we were happy to get a granddaughter too…but not long into this marriage the step mom became hostile against us and didn’t alow us to visit ..our grandson suffered a lot…we too…then it was a little better. .so we were hopping thing will change when she’ll get to know us…our only son…we did everything in our power to help them we respected her rulles…but she is more and more nasty thourds us…it’s been 4 yrs and things get worth we suffer our grandson suffer…my son is in the middle doesn’t know how to deal with his wife…she is a power control frick…sorry…can’t see our grandson suffer anymore…he is 10 yrs old….now his first 7 yrs was in our care our home totaly depending on me and my husband…my son..his dad lived w us at the time but worked a lot…he is a good father..but cought up between wife and son…need advice…we are not getting any younger…we and our grandson need eachother to have a relationship…please help us


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