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Newsflash! Connecticut Enacts Grandparent Visitation Law in July

 Connecticut Governor Dannel Malloy  signed legislation into law that creates a process by which grandparents may apply for visitation with their grandchildren. Previously, Connecticut grandparents had no clear route through the court system to apply for, or receive, visitation rights to the grandchildren.  In response to at least one publicized court case, the legislature decided to act. State Representatives Joseph Serra and Michelle Cook, among others, proposed a bill that creates a distinct and defined process by which grandparents apply for visitation. The process requires proof that the grandparent has a “parent-like” relationship with his or her grandchild, has participated in activities with his or her grandchild, and ensures that permitting visitation would not harm the child.

 The Connecticut Department of Children and Families noted that, “[the new law] balances the constitutional right of parents to make decisions in the best interests of their children, with the desire of grandparents to be an important part of their grandchildren’s lives.”

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  1. Laurene Ann Kaika February 17th, 2013

    My granddaughter, Cadence Kaika, was born in November 2012. Christmas eve was the only time I’ve seen her. My son would not allow me to hold her. I am heartbroken. I see pics on Facebook, and hear updates thru my daughter, but am unable to be involved in her life. I am disabled, on SS Disability, and do not drive. The closest cout is in New London, Ct. Please share woth me, the correct steps I must take to be a part of her life.

    • FGP February 27th, 2013

      Thanks for wirting and sorry for the difficult situation.
      Please check out grandparentsfor to find a support group near you.
      All the best.

    • Tami H. August 2nd, 2014

      Your situation is heartbreaking, but some grandparents make it harder to protect you. I used to be a supporter of grandparent rights. After the death of my husband, my mother-in-law has made everyone here angry when grandparent rights are made into laws. Tabby is an angel that needs our help. Medical and legal costs to protect this special needs child are devastating the family who opened their heart and home to this child when they adopted her. They had no way of knowing the struggles their precious little one faced and would face in the future, and yet they are standing with her and have given everything including their homes, careers and time to be by her side and protect her.

      In 5 days, this angel is facing another hospital stay of 30 to 60 days. At the same time the family is facing yet another court battle to protect her from her biological grandmother, who is suing for custody and determined to let her biological mom have access to her despite the court terminating her parental rights due to physical, emotional and sexual abuse. This “grandmother” has spent the last 6 years stalking the child, tried to kidnap the child, and is under court order to not have contact with this precious child. This family has been dealt a devastating blow with the loss of the husband and father due to military service. The mother has to try and balance the special needs child’s care hospitalizations, daily care, legal battles, harassment by grandmother and try to earn a living at the same time.

  2. Sheila M July 9th, 2013

    There is also support and advocacy groups around the US called Alienated Grandparents Anonymous, the main website is, go there to find a support group in your area. The founder, Amanda monitors the website regularly and will get back with you immediately. For those in Kentucky, please contact [email protected]. Good luck to all those grandparents out there that only want the best for their grandchildren! On Facebook go to

    • FGP July 22nd, 2013


  3. Eva DeLorge March 27th, 2014

    when was this enacted ? and also I don’t see how it is different. You still have to be in a parent like relationship with the child to get visitation. Most grandparents aren’t So how does this help ? and as far as support groups they can talk to one another but that’s not going to get you to see your grandchildren and take away the heartache. Grandparents should be able to visit their grandchildren as long as they are fit. Adult children use this law out of spite . Grandparents add so much to a child’s life and the grandchildren should not be punished for any differences the parents and grandparents have

    • carol k September 29th, 2015

      I so agree with Eve, so many of us have had little or no contact with our grandchildren and are unable to prove any “parent like” relationship with them so these laws as such only add to our frustrations.

  4. MaryJo Dawson November 28th, 2015

    I find it quite disturbing to know that as single hard working Mom that someone such as a parent can be given rights to my children. I just went through this a month ago. The judicial system needs to understand that not all Grandparents are doing this for the right reasons. While some are unstable emotionally and mentally others are just questioning that authority of the parent. God forbids if something ever happens to a child in the custody of a grandparent during visitation because DNA was all that was questioned and not specific motives. In my case the judge ordered visitation to my mother not knowing all the things she had done to me and my kids. I was unaware of the visitation because I didn’t receive a summons. I then filed an appearance went back to the judge and explained that she was never denied visitation and that this was about Control and her trying to take my kids. I also explained the treacherous and devious acts towards me and my children that she has recently done like calling DCF making several false allegation reports against me and lying trying to get me arrested several times as well as going long periods without even calling or asking for the kids. Yet instill he kept her with the visitation. Only for me to leave the court room and be threatened that by my sister and my mother and cousin that they were going to do something to me when I dropped them off. Then an hour later Facebook posts threatening my life from my sister and telling people I was dead. Now these are the people who have my DNA the people who Judge Kenneth Khluerger decided to give my children too without any regard to their actions. What I can say is this is that my mother has always controlled me and I’m a grown woman who can’t raise her children in peace. The Judicial system as well as DCF allows people to Abuse it In a very vindictive manner so much so that when they permit these actions it leaves people feeling helpless, depressed, and stressed out because none of these things disappear off your record it sticks with you while they continue to manipulate the system everyday because no one can tell me about my parents they raised me and no one can tell me what’s best for my children I’m raising them.

    • Paola silva May 12th, 2017

      I completely agree with this. I was trusting my boyfriends mom with our son for a while. She has a history of drug abuse, but promised she was clean and healthy, so for a while we gave her the benefit of the doubt. Well 3 months ago I had to rush home from work because she wouldn’t answer her phone to repeated back to back calls. I came home to an unlocked door and found my six year alone in the bathroom on his tablet. When I asked where grandma was I found her sleeping on my living room couch. High as a kite and dead to the world. I was in the house for 45 mins making loud noises, my dog was barking and she didn’t even flinch. I finally went over to see if she was alive and shook her. Nothing. I took my son and left her there. Originally I told her she could see my son, as I am not the type to use my son as a pawn, however, after repeated harassment I told her that if she couldn’t respect me, then she couldn’t see my son. She is now threatening with getting a lawyer. My son doesn’t even ask for her. But I certainly don’t think it’s fair to allow someone who put my son in harms way any rights to my child whatsoever. All she cares about is sticking it to me at this point.

  5. Karen s messier January 3rd, 2016

    My first grandson is going to be born this month and I was told that I will only be allowed to see him for 1/2hr when he is born and then I will be escorted out by my daughter in law dr and I will never be able to see him ever again and my own son will not even stay around when I’m their we have not talked in over 7 years I’ve tried but no luck I even texted his wife and found myself in court from them wanted nothing to do with me at all to leave them alone that’s all they want I was told from the lady we had to see one of us at a time I was told I need to leave them alone and have no contact ever again and that I have a mental problem and that I was an alcoholic I gave up drinking in 2006 and I have meds for depression and when I needed the help I put my self in the hospital for a week to get help and that worked for me in 2007 and with that help I became my good old self again but I am still a bad person to my son and his wife so I am being punished for my past and they will not let it go so how do I ever get to see my very first grandson and be apart of his live?

  6. Anne Rosa April 12th, 2016

    Not all problems are with the grandparents. Some parents are seriously mentally unstable, but can not be proven so. Through all these sick scenarios, the only ones that suffer are the children. Let me just say that probably 99% of grandparents love their grandchildren more than life and should be allowed at least the chance to prove that love. Even if it means supervised visitation at first, they should at least be able to see and talk to them. Most people don’t understand the incredible feelings of love grandparents have for these children until they become grandparents themselves.

    • Chris H July 21st, 2016

      Nobody loves a child more than their parent, so yes people understand the amount of love you can have. If someone doesn’t treat me well then why on earth would I let them be around my children? If you have respect for your children and their spouse and you are part of their life then you are included in the lives of their children. If you can’t be respectful to the parents then you have no right being involved with the kids.

    • Ivette November 30th, 2016

      I agree with you totally. I have a parent like relationship with my granddaughter yet the lies her mother has told DCF and has made my granddaughter report to DCF, I now cannot see her!! My granddaughter dreads going home when she’s with me and grandpa!! DCF is supposed to help keep the child safe and psychologically stable, they are adding to her instability. After $ 15,000 + in attorney fees to see my granddaughter I now have to retain another attorney and fight again just to see her!!

  7. Anne Elizabeth Colturi October 31st, 2016

    Hello, my name is Anne E Colturi. I am a grandmother to two beautiful granddaughters and I am a part of both their lives. These two girls are my oldest son Ryan’s girls. Sadly, Ryan is not with us anymore, He passed away in October 2013His eldest daughter is Skyla and she and I have a great relationship and always have, cours there were times in her youth that I thought I should have been able to have her more and should have been able to split the holidays up between the families. Skyla is 21 now and we have had a great relationship, until her mom seems to get involved and say or do things that are uncalled for. … But this is the way it is and I am used to it by now. However, Aurora the 4 year old whom has a different mom than sister Skyla is where my concerns lie now. Most recently I had Aurora for a full month at the other grandmother’s request, as her daughter, the mom of Aurora, relapsed again for maybe the 4th time since having her little girl 4 years ag. Spending her entire SS of $624.00 for Aurora from my son’s account on heroin I love Carrie the mom of Aurora and I want the best for her and her little girl… but my concern for Aurora’s health and wealth-fare are my top priority. In these past 4 years I have witnessed some scarey things, like Carrie having this couple she barely knows take care of Aurora and having Aurora way more than either of the grandparents couples involved. These people Leslie and Eddy Beliveau were persistently trying to take over the parent ship of Aurora and doing illegal things such as signing their name st school and the dentist office , pretending to be Aurora’s parents and even going to the point of having Carrie sign paperwork stating they can have and take Aurora out of state at their requests. I finally had enough and called the mother of Carrie the other grandma who lives in Florida with her husband, she flew up here immediately and got her daughter into Rehab and kicked all the junkies out of her house that she bought for Carrie and Aurora. She called me and my husband and asked us to take Aurora indefinitely, and we complied, we had her 4 weeks and now we haven’t been able to say hi or Face Time her at all! While she was with us, her momma and Grammie Face timed every single day and disrupted our routine, but we allowed it with no problems. But we had Aurora many times before this for 5-7 days and Momma never FT’d or called, if so, maybe once during the visitMy problem is this, while Aurora was here with us for a month I got her involved in Dance class an activity she was used to in CT with her mom or should I say her other mom, Aurora called Leslie the unrelated whomever mommy also!!!!!donrthing I did not agree to. She lives the Dance Class and she loves hanging out with me to be involved in this activity, , she also is on a waiting list for pre-school. Because when this first began the other Gramma wanted me to keep her , Aurora indefinitely until her daughter was clean and straightened out… But Mother was with daughter for exactly 2 days and daughter manipulated mom Into enabling her once again, paying her 5 months of bills and giving her anything she needs. Carrie as far as I know is not on any blockers to keep her off the Heroin and I am worried about Aurora’s safety. Also Carrie told me I could have Aurora on Thursday’s to take her to dance and now she hadn’t let me see her or talk to her in a week. I am heartbroken and in need of applying for Grandparental rights! Thank you, Sincerely yours, Anne E Colturi

    • Ivette November 30th, 2016

      Yes, you can fight for grandparents visitation. I can tell you it’s been a battle for my husband and I. We just had court again today. Sad news I still, once again, cannot see my granddaughter. Another attorney to be retained and more days in court. I’m not into the holidays, it’s depressing knowing your grandchild is being manipulated by a schizophrenic mother who believes her own lies. We must pray and never give up hope, for our grandchildren’s sake.

    • Linda mustica January 3rd, 2017

      Sorry to hear that. When is the state and DCF and courts going to see that. I’m a grandma too. My son s been doing every drug out there. The kids are hurting the most. Grandparents are the spoilers. But when grandparents wants to be in the grandchild’s life there is a good reason. Look on line on all the children that died in parents hands. I cried looking at their little faces. I don’t want my grandsons photos on that page. Only when its too late the courts will wakeup. Its ashamed.

  8. william Bracht November 15th, 2016

    Can I get a copy of ct’s Grandparents visitation rights thank you- William Bracht-394 central Islip blvd-Ronkonkoma N Y 11779

    • FGP December 6th, 2016

      You can look that up on the Internet
      Just google “Grandparent’s Rights.”
      Best of luck

  9. Rose December 14th, 2016

    I have not seen my grandchildren in months and went for visitation did not get any visitation for my deceased daughters children The court feels that I am wasting my time .

  10. Linda mustica January 2nd, 2017

    I’m a grandmother of two grandsons ages 2 and 5 years old. I’ve been in their lives since birth. The mother walked out of their lives a little over a year. My son now has them. The five year old wasn’t talking. I got him started in school this year. He just starting to talk. My son won’t let the mother visit the boys unless she gave him 100 dollars. The five year old loves his now she can’t come up with the money. Now she don’t see them. He tells the boys she left them and don’t love them. I feel as a as a grandmother that this is hurting them mentally. Now I’m no longer allowed to see them. Those kids are like my own. Ive look upon them them three to four times a week. Its been a month now I haven’t seen them. I don’t know what to do. I know their not OK. The five year old only weighs 35 pounds. He s not eating. He’s not happy either. He told me he wants to live with me and grandpa. I really feel my son the father is doing drugs. What can I do.

    • LoriAnn March 25th, 2017

      I just came across your post and what you describe is emotional abuse by the father. I am not sure where you live, but you can advocate for them by contacting the school and speak with the social worker or psychologist about your concerns as well as your State Department of Children and Families. . Go to the court house and file a ” Motion For Intervention in Family matters” which can be found on your states Judicial website.

  11. Debra george February 18th, 2017

    I am a grandparent of 2 little boys one who’s 3 and another who was just born last week. My daughter and I have been close her whole life. We never cared for the man she is with but never let my daughter know. She had her first son by another man but this one she’s with know was the one who has been his father figure since birth. We may not care for him but commended him for being a good dad to our grandson. We could signed a mortgage so that they could get a house and have financially supported them throughout the process. He became ill and was hospitalized and out of work for several months in which we payed their mortgage so they wouldn’t loose the house. They have 2 new cars and have everything new in their home most of which I bought. I suffer from depression that started about 7 years ago. When my first grandson was born he helped me break free from that although occasionally I do go through spurts of which I am depressed but it doesn’t last more than a couple days. I don’t bother anyone most time I just sit quietly and cry when I’m alone. My daughter and my first grandson lived with us for the first 2 years of his life so we are very attached. My husband and I decided that I would continue to stay home even though I’m feeling better so that I could baby sit for my grandson and my daughter and her boyfriend can work being they have this new home that we helped them get. Well last week my daughter went into labor. I stayed with my grandson and her and her boyfriend went to the hospital. I texted my daughter’s boyfriend and asked how things were going and that when she went in to deliver to let me know and we would head up to the hospital. Alittle while later he texted me saying she’s going in for surgery and that they would be putting her under. Of course I immediately became concerned and asked him what was going on. He said he didn’t know and said ” don’t worry mom I got it” well I was nice and said ” I know you do. I trust you but please let me know anything she is my daughter and I am worried” I do know that this is not common even for someone having a c- section to put them under. I then packed up my grandson and went to the hospital. Thank God everything turned out okay and mom and baby were fine. A few days later I went to visit and noticed my daughter seemed upset with me. I asked her what was the matter. She snapped at me and asked what did you say to Orhan that’s her boyfriend. Long story short. He apparently found it offensive that I made the comment that she was my daughter. I was then informed that I am no longer able to see my grandchildren and that she wants nothing to do with me. I haven’t stopped crying. I truly have given my daughter a good life outside of me getting the depression both my children have grown up with everything. Including live support. I have defended them through their stupid dumb things they have done. I have been nothing but supportive and a loving mother. I have apologized profusely to her boyfriend for having upset him via text but clearly that wasn’t my intention. He informed me that ‘” we have built our new family and that I am not going to be in it and I need to respect that” . I went along and told him ” I can respect your new family but not at the cost of destroying mine” . My daughter has no friends he got mad at her best friend during her first son and told her she had to choose her friends or him. I never thought that this would happen to me. He has convinced her that I am controlling because of my statement about letting me know if anything happens in the hospital. I don’t get how this man can come in and take my world and get away with it. I know that it will never be the same between my daughter and me but I have spent every day with my grandson since the day he was born for 4 years. I only have seen the new baby once. I’m so torn I don’t know what to do.

  12. Debra george February 18th, 2017

    I know those who read my story must think there has to be more to this. It makes no sense that if her and her daughter had such a good relationship that she would just cut her off like that. I honestly am telling everything. I have told my husband several times that there was something about this guy I didn’t like but couldn’t out my finger on it. He is a bit of a story teller. He likes to brag about himself.bbut as much as I didn’t like that I always let it go. he told my daughter that I’m trying to control him . Yet his. Mother sleeps over there house because she is afraid to drive after dark and it drives my daughter crazy because she said she always gets involved in their fights and sticks up for her son. But when I brought that up to my daughter she for some reason can’t see it. I know I’m going on and on but I’m truly devestated over this. My neighbor who has watched me raise my children in this house for 28 years can’t believe she’s doing this. My husband is allowed to see my grandchildren but only if I am not here. I don’t want my grandson to loose us both so I will go somewhere when my grandson visits my husband otherwise my grandson will not be able to see eighter if us new rule per my daughter and her boyfriend. I will for the sake of my grandson. He loves his Mimi and pop pop and I don’t want him not to have that. So I will go out so he can come see him. I don’t know what my rights are. I’m afraid that they will us my depression against me if I try to get visitation rights which I don’t know if I have. Anyone who knows anything please help me.

  13. BRITTANY D KLETTER May 30th, 2017

    My son has prevented me from even meeting his last two sons so proving a parent like relationship with them is impossible. He is an attorney but continues to be unaware of the dysfunction this type of estrangement will cause in his own family. It would be wonderful if a Mediation process could become available to families torn by issues that are in need of repair, Brittany Kletter-Evans


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